Thursday, June 17, 2010

two completely unrelated pictures

The two year old staged this one:

Quick, Lassie, go get help! Timmy fell down the well! (Technically Elizabeth has fallen down the well, and Woody and his friends are trying to get her up. Although Woody appears to be the only doing anything.)

Here are three color swatches on my bathroom wall. I don't like any of them. Yes, we keep our hula hoops on the bathroom vanity. Their round shape nicely offsets the square lines of the mirror, yet mimics the circular nature of the 80s light fixture.

Color ideas? I want a pretty sea-glass blue-green....but am having trouble finding one I like. I am thinking of a dark brown for the vanity, a creamy white for the countertop, and the sea-glass color for the walls. I need to do this toute de suite (toot sweet? how does one spell that?) because NEXT WEEKEND there will be a million people in my house for a 1 yr old's birthday party. Perhaps I should have started a bit sooner.

Oh, and I attempted to make my own roman shade using a bedsheet and a venetian blind. Currently I am lacking a roman shade and have only bits of detritus of a venetian blind to show for it.

Crafty, I am not.

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  1. it would appear that the horse (i forget his name) is helping Woody not fall down the well himself. or he's at least standing over him ready to grab his feet if necessary.


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