Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Favorite nook

Currently my favorite nook in the house is a little bump-out gable on the side of the living room:

My grandmother has a similar chair that I loved growing up.  About 8 years ago, I went antiquing in Red Bank with my aunt Patti.  We rounded a corner, we both saw this chair, we both said "OOOOOH!!!" and ran for it....and she got there first. 

A year later I got married, and my aunt gifted us this chair.  Woohoo!  The seat was in need of repair, and one of my uncles was handy and agreed to fix it for us.  SIX YEARS later, the chair showed up on my doorstep.  (That chair became a running joke every time I saw my uncle.) 

I've since recovered the chair a few times.  Here is a picture taken with my phone, so it looks a bit washed out.  I originally covered it in a turquoise quatrefoil pattern, which looked lovely (I used the same fabric originally in the back of the bookshelves as well), but the turquoise was very very bright, and I was having difficulty making our red leather club chair look like it belonged in the living room. So I switched it out to the current fabric (Robert Allan Kiki Pinata), which has much more red in it and pulls the room together a bit more. 

The pillow and lamp are from Home Goods, the branch side table is from Target.  The curtains are from Ikea.  The curtains have a sheer cutout of a geometric pattern. 

The walls on either side of the bump-out have a stucco texture, and my daughter loves to hide back in the corner, licking the walls.  So i guess its her favorite nook too.


  1. What a great looking room! Do you have any idea what the name is for those IKEA curtains? I'm having trouble finding them and I really want them!

  2. No, sorry, I don't know the name, but I think they were discontinued a while ago.


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