Sunday, June 20, 2010

tv wall

Here is the tv side of the living room. I'm not terribly enthralled with my decorating efforts in the living room so far. I probably won't post a pic of the whole room. I want a new sofa and a new rug. And new curtains. And a new coffee table. And while I like the red leather chair, I wish it weren't red. I'm annoyed at how its dictating the design scheme. If only I had another room to put it in.

So here is the before picture.

We bought the sideboard at Uhuru Used Furniture in Philly on Spruce St. Its got great used furniture---I think we paid $40 for this piece. It was pretty beat up when we got it, so I attempted a tortoiseshell kind of effect. I was inspired by Laurie on Trading Spaces and a coffee table she did (that tells you how long ago I got this piece, doesn't it?) I painted it gold and then stippled black and brown all over it. It was ok. Not a masterpiece.

I think the shelf is about at max capacity. The Mister wanted me to leave it blank, because ack, what if we put stuff on it and then the shelf fell on the precious tv??? Every time I add a piece his eyebrows go up and he asks "does that really need to be up there?"

The Buddha and the apothecary jars are all from Home Goods.

The picture of peaches is a picture painted by my grandmother after my wedding, based on our wedding favors of peach jam (you can see in the middle of the picture is a little jar of jam). The picture of sunflowers was taken at my husband's family's farm outside of Naples, Italy. The sumo wrestlers were bought in Japan while visiting a friend.

The red pulls are so pretty. They are the medium size red Empire pull from Schaub & Co.

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  1. I like the shelf--especially with your slanted ceilings. Thanks for sharing your link.



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