Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a day late

My computer crashed and burned yesterday, so I am a day late with my sappy Valentine post. 

At this stage of my life, I don't care much about grand gestures.  I look for the little things, the every day things that show what a person really thinks. I lucked out with the Mister. The Mister is a fabulous life partner. 

Things I appreciate about the Mister:

The Mister is patient, loving and kind, witty and intelligent.
The Mister carries my purse, regardless of how it clashes with his outfit.
The Mister buys tampons and other horrifying feminine hygiene items without complaint.
The Mister reaches for my hand first, to hold my hand in public.
The Mister works hard to provide a good life for his family.
The Mister is an honest person.
The Mister does not have an agenda. What you see is what you get.
The Mister does the grocery shopping with the kids.
The Mister's first choice of something to do when he has free time is to spend it with me.
The Mister goes shopping with me.
The Mister is nice to his mother.
The Mister gets up early with the kids so I can sleep in. Like, every single day, ever.
The Mister values my opinion, asks for it often, and frequently heeds it.
The Mister listens to me.
The Mister pays attention, even when I'm not talking.
The Mister thinks I'm pretty.
The Mister doesn't care if I'm not pretty.
The Mister likes to have dance parties with the kids.
The Mister has a number of handsome physical attributes. 
The Mister is not afraid to laugh at himself.
The Mister takes care of me when I'm sick.
The Mister thinks I'm funny.
The Mister can intelligently discuss just about anything, as he has a wide variety of interests.
The Mister is a good tipper.  (Former waitresses such as myself notice these things.)
The Mister believes in frugality but is generous with his money.
The Mister has been incredibly supportive of my career, be it staying home or working outside the home.
The Mister does manly things like remove rat carcasses from my kitchen.

The Mister sounds like a paragon of virtue, does he not? 
He is.
And he's all mine :-) 


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