Sunday, February 12, 2012


Recently Tiffany at Worthwhile Domicile nominated me for a Leibster Blog award, given to blogs with readership under 200 followers.  Wayyyyyy back in the day, Suzy at Saved By Suzy nominated me for a Versatile Blogger award, too.....and months later I am getting around to passing it on.

I'm supposed to tell you a bunch of facts about me.

1. I had a five year stretch in law school and working as an attorney where every single night I dreamed that I was drowning.  Yes, every night for five years. Sometimes multiple times a night.  Thankfully that stopped when I stopped practicing law.  I rarely dream of drowning now, but my anxiety dreams always center around water--I'm on the beach and the tide is washing away my stuff, I'm bodysurfing in the waves but keep getting knocked down, I'm in a rowboat and the water is very choppy, I'm driving over the Driscoll bridge but the sides of the bridge are gone and I'm speeding and the middle of the bridge is washed anxiety dreams are pretty obvious.

2.  I like to say the word MOIST.  There are at least three people in my life who have banned the use of the word MOIST in their presence, and I like to say it as often as possible in their hearing.  MOIST MOIST MOIST.

3. Speaking of having less than 200 followers, I have done next to nothing to grow this blog, besides participating in the occasional linky party. I keep thinking I should do something.  Yet, laziness prevails.

4. I am math-challenged.  If it is a home decor project involving math (or anything else involving math), you can be sure I will screw it up.  I make my sisters do the math for me, they have mad skillz.  How come I'm the only one who did not get any math skills?  (I can tell you why, actually--in the fourth grade we moved to Jamaica, and I was put in sixth grade, which was fine in all the English and history subjects, but going from long division to trigonometry without any of the two years of math foundation in between confused me, and left me with a "I don't understand any of this" mental phobia for the rest of my life.)

5. I don't like animals.  I am extremely allergic to them, and I was terrified of dogs from the age of two onwards. I used to have nightmares about big black dogs eating my toes.  I can now be around dogs without screaming in fright and scrambling up onto the shoulders of the nearest bystander, but I still don't like them. Yes, I'm sure your dog is fabulous, and yes, I can see puppies and think aw, cute, but puppies grow up to be the kind of dogs that eat your toes and I'm never going to be an animal lover, okay?

I am supposed to nominate some blogs myself.  In looking through my blog reader, I see that most of the blogs I follow have over 200 readers.  (Apparently everyone has time to grow their blog but me.)   I can, however, share a really witty, fabulous blog I started reading last year:

Hilarity In Shoes.   This post is one of my recent favorites.  Fantastic, witty musings on life, a painful breakup, and starting a new job.  Check it out.


  1. You and the dreams, girl! Glad you don't have nightmares anymore!!
    and glad you keep on blogging- cuz I enjoy reading:)

  2. I know what you mean about the dreams. I used to dream all the time that my teeth were loose and falling out.
    And my dog will eat your toes...mwah hah hah.

  3. How funny that you picked me on the day we both posted about dreams!!! Thanks for the love.


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