Saturday, February 25, 2012


There are palm trees all over the place here in California.


On Thursday we used a car service to take us to Newark airport for our flight to Califnornia.  We left the kids at home with Grandma.  I settled into the backseat, holding only my purse.  It was quiet in the car and there was plenty of room.

"This feels terribly decadent," I said to the Mister.

"What?" said the Mister.

"This....I'm sitting in a Lincoln towncar that someone else is driving.  I have only my own purse to account for, instead of three bookbags full of entertainment and food, plus my own bag, plus a diaper bag, plus a bunch of suitcases and carseats. I'm not carrying all of those aforesaid bags while trying to hold two children's hands while trying to keep the third child in sight.  I'm not yelling at anyone to stop touching or not touching someone or something. I do not have the constant feeling like I am trying to herd cats using only my feet because my arms are full of the cats' belongings.  I am, in short, responsible only for myself.  It feels decadent."

"Honey, you need to get out more."


We drove allllll over yesterday, looking at every single property in our price range.  We have found three acceptable properties, and have put in applications on all three.  Our second choice has accepted our rental application, but we are really, really hoping that our first choice accepts our application.  Our number one choice, which is far and away the nicest one, is two blocks from school, has a nice yard, and has a space for a playroom. (It is also the most expensive, has a later move-in date than we'd like, and the rental agent is not returning our calls.)

Agita.  Bring on the cake.

My fingers are crossed that this is resolved by the end of today.  I fly home at the crack of dawn tomorrow.  


  1. My fingers are crossed. How was the weather? It's freezing in New Jersey!

  2. Good luck, I hope you get the one you like!

    ps - me and my hubby laughed about your decadence note. Isn't that the truth??

  3. OOH! Good luck :) Fingers crossed for you. Enjoy the fretless vacay as well.


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