Sunday, February 5, 2012

details: new name?

Thanks for all the warm wishes on our announcement that we are moving to California.  Its nice to know so many people will miss us.  Heaven knows I will miss everyone on the east coast.

We are moving because the Mister got a new job. (In California, obv.)  We don't know where we will be living yet (ACK), but the Mister will be starting soon, and the kids and I will follow soon thereafter.  Most likely we will be in Orange County, so if you have knowledge to share, shout it out, because I know zip about the O.C. other than I love me some Seth Cohen.  We have a house-hunting trip scheduled for the end of this month.

We are working with a relocation company that will be moving all our stuff, including our cars. How to move the cars was really giving me agita. Me and the Mister cramming our children and all our worldy possessions into our two cars and caravanning our way over the Rockies in late winter rings a little too close to the Donner Party for my comfort.

Unfortunately it takes seven to ten days for the relocation company to deliver our belongings to our destination.  This means that I have seven to ten days of having a house in NJ with no furniture in  it, and seven to ten days of having a house in California with no furniture in it. Also, no cars in either location. 

I am moving from stage one "omg, California will be awesome!" to stage two, "omg, WHAT HAVE WE DONE?"  Even though we've moved around quite a bit in the last few years, we've never been more than two hours from our friends and family, and we see them quite a bit.  Now we are moving 3000 miles away from everyone we know and love and I'm guessing that means we won't be seeing them much.  Also, the logistics of uprooting our entire lives--and packing up the basement---is giving me the heebiejeebies.

I think I really need to step up the pace on the decluttering project in the basement.

Lastly, as some dear commenters have noted--my blog name is no longer accurate.  What to do about this?  Change it to something completely new, preferably not geography related, so in the event I move again I don't have to change it again?  Do the lawyerly thing, which would be to keep the name, add a colon with an explanatory phrase?  (Check out any law review article to see what I mean.)

I am leaning towards keeping the Trapped in North Jersey. Changing the whole thing seems like a lot of work. Unless someone gives me an awesome blog name. I am terrible at coming up with original ideas like that, hence the Trapped name in the first place.  I wouldn't mind a new blog name, I just haven't come up with one.

Trapped In North Jersey: the California Diaspora?  (is a family of five big enough for a diaspora?)
Trapped In North Jersey: We Don't Live There Anymore?
Trapped In North Jersey: Escape to Witch Mountain California?

Your input on the blog name is highly desired. 


  1. How about:
    Not Trapped In North Jersey

    I know. Not very creative but that's all I've got.

    My brother lives in Newport. Where in Orange county are you moving?

  2. Congrats! The move cross-country is always harried and crazy. Done it. You will survive, it will eventually be "over" and then on to bigger things, ya know?

    How about:

    Trapped in North Jersey No More

  3. He He- Okay- how did I mis sthat last post taht you're moving!??? Craziness!!!

    and as for the blog name- I say keep it- although I am very tempted to vote for
    Tapped In North Jersey: Escape to Witch Mountain:)- hilareous

  4. Congrats on the new job for your husband and the move!

    If you're looking for people in the OC, the only one I can think of us @mamabub.

  5. Trapped in North Jersey: No More.
    Trapped in North Jersey: I've Escaped.
    Trapped in North Jersey: I'm Free!

  6. I'm useless when it comes to the name . . . but good luck with the move!

  7. Liberated from North Jersey: Now, in the OC!


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