Thursday, August 8, 2013

Getting started on the downstairs bathroom

The plumber was here this afternoon to fix our master bathroom shower drain, which involved cutting a hole in the downstairs bathroom ceiling. 

I have been holding off on beautifying the downstairs bathroom, knowing that the upstairs bathroom needed to be repaired and that would most likely involve holes in the wall in the downstairs bathroom.  Now that it is fixed, I can get started on making the downstairs bathroom presentable.  

I'll be painting the walls Lowe's Pink Wink (or Wink Pink? I can't remember).  

Dilemma the first: do I paint the vanity red or purple?  

I am leaning towards red for continuity's sake, as there is a lot of red on the first floor, and this bathroom is located adjacent to our red and navy family room.  But the purple is pretty.  I have become enamored of deep, dark purples lately, after thirty years of not caring about purple as a color at all.  

Dilemma the second: I have two rolls of wallpaper and no hope of getting more, as it is discontinued. (I need five to wallpaper the whole room.)  I can wallpaper one wall, which would be the wall to right of the toilet, because its the first wall you see and its the biggest unbroken space. 

 BUT--big but--I have two young boys with poor aim.  (Don't make me spell this out.)  I could just wallpaper a large canvas, or frame pieces of it.  Or do I wallpaper the wall and just live with the possibility of ruination?   Or, go totally crazy and wallpaper the ceiling.

Your thoughts, please.  


  1. Hi ,
    I have no idea whether this would work, but would painting a sealer over the wallpaper protect it from your boys bad aim ? I tried googling it and found a comment - see below. I hope this helps.
    as for paint, both Red or Purple would look great but I love red so much I vote for it. Also, I'm not sure whether it would look good or not but have you thought about doing framed panels - this might help depending on the size and height you made them so that they are not in the line of fire.

    Only use quick drying varnishes (waterbased/acrylic varnishes matt/ satin /gloss, as these are the one`s that dont go yellow............Why? You ask....Because they haven`t any oil content,silly!!
    You can also use water based acrylic/glaze.

    Read more:

    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Cathy, I think that a sealer would make the wallpaper difficult to remove, and this bathroom will get a makeover in a few years, so the wallpaper isn't permanent. I do think the framed panels would be a good solution.

  2. My vote for the vanity is purple, because I like it more than red & also just to change it up. I don't think the bathroom needs to necessarily "match" the adjacent room. For the wallpaper, that's a tough one. I think it depends on how much you love the wallpaper & how long you think you will want it there. If you think you would be changing things in the bathroom down the road anyway, put it on the wall & just keep it clean & enjoy it while it lasts. But if you reallllly love it & want it to be more long term, I would use the canvas or frame idea, but still really large to be a focal point for the wall. Then you would always have the option to use it in another room later if you wanted also.

    1. Yes, I think I am leaning towards a large canvas--I love the paper but the room will be remodeled in a few years. Great idea about using it elsewhere!

  3. I vote for red. I think it will look more grown-up with the pink walls than the purple would. As for the wallpaper dilemma...I don't know. I think the sealer idea is smart, but figure that would make it wicked-hard to remove later. Maybe you need to invest in some of these: :-)

    1. I am leaning towards red too--it feels more dramatic and unexpected, I think. And my boys CAN hit the toilet, but they just....don't pay much attention, I guess.

  4. Don't worry about the wallpaper getting ruined by the boys, it's not going to see "that" much action. Enjoy it!!! And if they do ruin it then by that time you'll be looking for an excuse to do a makeover and you'll have enjoyed your lovely paper for a few years. Get it up there!! (Em in New Zealand)


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