Friday, August 2, 2013

The Week of (Nearly) Zero Dollar Decorating: the Boys Room is a Swing and a Miss

I have done very little to the boys' room, much to the boys' dismay.  I have plans for it, but not the budget, so it has languished in blah-ness since we moved in.  The last picture I posted of it was on the master To Do list, and it looked like this:

The navy blankets are too dark and don't play well with the grellow-striped curtains.  One bed blocks the access to the closet.

In the spirit of zero dollar decorating, I swapped out the thin navy bedspreads for the heavier winter quilts, which have a brighter, more colorful vibe.  Believe it or not, its actually kind of cool here at night with the windows open and fans going (about 60 degrees), so it has actually worked out nicely.  I also swapped the navy-trimmed lampshade for a plain white one from the stash in the garage.  (Purging + zero dollar decorating has greatly depleted the stashes.)  I think this looks much brighter and happier.

I am saving my pennies for a low loft bunk bed.  You might notice that the bed on the right has no footboard, because it broke.  The bed on the left also has a broken footboard but we taped it with duct tape. I would just take it off so that they match, but the two beds have different rail systems (the left is the vintage bedrails hooked into the headboards and footboards, but the bed on the right has already broken once so it is simply the head and footboards screwed onto a modern frame.)

The low loft bed will solve the problem of access to the closet, and give us much more floor space in this room.  I thought, hmm, why don't I just take out that little dresser between the beds and turn the one to the side, sort of like the L-shape that a loft bunk will give us?  That will give us more floor space and access to the closet.  Like so:

My boys howled in protest.  "There's nowhere to PUT OUR STUFF, MOM!!"  Which is a legitimate complaint.  I too like places to put my stuff.  So the little dresser came back in until we have enough pennies to get the low loft bed.  And I'll be buying the low loft bed that comes with a set of drawers underneath, so they have someplace to put their stuff.

And thus concludes the week of switching up everything in my house.  


  1. So cute! I love the brighter comforters, and have enjoyed all your change-ups this week.

    1. thanks! Its amazing how much of a difference it has made.

  2. I love the brighter quilts! Why don't you put the dresser in the closet? Then the beds can be turned on an L, and still have a place to put stuff AND access to the closet?

    1. You can't see them in the picture, but there are already two dressers (for the boys' clothes) in the closet to save on floor space.


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