Monday, August 5, 2013

Ugly thrifted brass lamps

I found these two ugly lamps in a thrift store last week.  (Please excuse the blurry iphone pic.)

At first I passed them over, thinking they were too heinously shiny, brassy, and trophy-ish.  However, I kept thinking about them for days, which is usually a sign that I should probably buy them.  I liked how tall they are, which would work nicely with the very low night side tables in the guest room.  They were also a good width for being so tall, yet wouldn't require an enormous lampshade, like a thicker three foot lamp would.  And they were $25 for the pair, which was in my price range.

So I went back for them, and luckily they were still there.  I used a pair of off-white drum shades and some greek key trim from my stash in the garage. (The stash of lamps and lampshades is officially depleted.)

I may paint them eventually, but for now, I kinda dig the brassy trophies.  

Thrift anything exciting lately?


  1. I scored a midcentury brass lamp myself last Saturday for $5!Love the way yours look so far too!

  2. I like these! Brass is supposed to be coming back in, you know. I scored some cool retro wood lamps a few weeks back, and I've now determined that I will not buy any more retro lamps unless they come with shades. Have been burned once too often by that one.

  3. Agreed--had these lamps been just a bit bigger I would have left them on the shelf because I knew I didn't have a shade to fit them. I'm still trying to replace the shades on the enormous lamps I bought last year for my bedroom without any luck.

  4. Hi,
    I hope I don't offend you by saying this, but this room really surprised me by the absence of color, maybe it is brighter and more colorful in real life but the pictures don't really show that.I think the lamps would be better suited against a bolder background.
    I do love thrifting, there is nothing better than recycling and saving something from landfill and giving it a new life.
    Kind Regards

    1. Cathy, I agree the room is a bit beige-er and browner than I would have liked, but nearly everything in the room was stuff we already had, that worked together, and was free. I'll redo it in a more colorful fashion eventually.


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