Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Painting All The Trim (or thinking about it, anyways)

We have mostly completed the phase one/make it livable projects after moving into this house.  By phase one I mean painting over all the swine beige and making basic repairs.  The only rooms left to be painted are the master bathroom and the downstairs bathroom. They were originally left beige because they needed repairs; now that the repairs have been made I'll get to them soon.

Phase two, starting before phase one is officially finished, is also getting off the ground.  There are miles and miles and miles of trim to be painted.  The interior doors need to be painted; this house was a rental for the past eight years and most of the doors are showing signs of wear.  I'd like to paint the exterior of the front doors but have to get permission from the HOA.  There are so many doors to paint I'm contemplating getting a spray gun and air compressor, or I'll be painting for a mighty long time.  

I started painting the upstairs hallway door trim this weekend. I sanded down all the door trim by hand, taped off all four doors, and hoped that all the sanding would do away with the need for priming.  

That was silly.  The black paint slides right off if you even look at it sideways.  

I guess I will have to prime it first.  If we weren't having visitors at the end of August I would spend a few weeks looking at that taped-off door and think hmm, maybe next weekend.  Good thing I've been handed a deadline.

Not much exciting going on here, folks.  Just painting and procrastinating.  Mostly procrastinating. 

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  1. Ugh! I hate priming, but I am always mad when I don't. I also don't like it when 'company' comes because I am always in the middle of something. Good luck. I would wait until they are gone.


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