Friday, August 24, 2012

cobalt blue bedroom moodboard

I have loved this print for years, and hope to use it in my next house.

Lately I am obsessed with navy and cobalt blue, and the flaming orange of the lady's hair is just perfect against that blue background.  I made up a moodboard for using this print in our bedroom.

Gladiator print / curtains / otomi pillow / stripe pillow / dresser / lamp / headboard / bedding / x-bench / rug


  1. I recently painted my son's room van deusen blue. It's a nice blue, not too navy. Love the moodboard!

  2. That print is totally fabulous!

  3. your use of color inspires this brown/beige/white loving girl. i especially like that bright colorful pillow!

  4. Love this color combo and your inspiration board.


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