Wednesday, August 15, 2012

design paralysis, and the new art print

One of the reasons I haven't been blogging much, aside from my contemplative navel-gazing, is my decor budget.  You might recall my sticker shock upon finding that preschool here is ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  Since Princess and Peter both started preschool last week, that is TWO MILLION DOLLARS.  A month.  As my father once told me, "if you have the money, you won't have the time. And if you have the time, you probably won't have the money."  So true! I have lots of free time to accomplish projects now, but my project budget has been severely curtailed.

Another reason I haven't been decorating?  I have hit design paralysis for the upstairs.  The boys' room is nearly done, and just needs two large scale photos I have yet to take.  Princess's bedroom has barely been touched. It is functional, and half-assed-ly decorated with all the stuff from the previous house, but nothing exciting.  My bedroom is at a standstill; I can't figure out what to do in there at all.

This design paralysis is a side effect of the fact that we've started house-shopping, and thus this house seems a bit impermanent to me.  We aren't buying till next spring, but we've started looking seriously at different towns in the area, and trying to figure out where we want to live.

The town we are currently in is a top contender.  The kids have made friends, *I* have made some friends (woohoo!  Yay me!  Not the kind of friends who you can ask to help to bury the bodies--that takes more time--but the kind of friend that you can talk to about the latest episode of The League and say hey lets go to the Outlet Mall!  So that is Progress. And I haven't died of anxiety yet, although Greg's birthday party may accomplish that soon.)

I leave you with a new art print I ordered from Etsy.  I have been giving myself many, many, many pep talks over the last few weeks, and this print seemed like a good reminder that it doesn't matter where we live as long as we are together.

Please excuse the lamp on the floor.  That lamp is on the floor for this picture because it partially blocks my pep talk picture, and it is on my to do list to move all of the right hand pictures over to the left a few inches (that "use newspaper to make a template" method is baloney, I tell you).


  1. I like the print. My family is very nomadic (6 moves in 10 years), and its absolutely true that it's not always where you are, but who you are with. And I have given up nailing pictures. It's command strips all the way for me.

  2. Relax and don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself...if you're planning to buy a house in the spring, don't spend too much time or money decorating. Enjoy some things you like to do that don't cost anything such as reading, going for walks, playing with the kids, spending time with your husband.

  3. The print is lovely Lisa! I like the gallery wall display- it blends the TV nicely into the room! Can't wait to see what you guys find for a more permanent home!

  4. If you're looking to buy in the Spring, and preschool is to million dollars, then, absolutely, don't bring in anything ne to decorate with. Meantime, what other hobby might you enjoy? Photography? Bread making? Anything crafty at all?
    Love the new print.

  5. Congrats on buying a home. Dont spend any moe money on the current place. You'll want to save up for goodies for the new one. Excuse the spelling. Don't feel like going back to fix it.
    Love the print. I may steal that for my girls' hallway.

  6. I know how you feel. We have talked about moving next year, so it seems almost wasteful to spend anything more on decorating this house. But it's kinda hard to imagine AN ENTIRE YEAR of not spending money on decorating. Well, we'll see how it goes. In the mean time, I love the etsy print! And the whole gallery wall, for that matter.


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