Monday, August 27, 2012

color obsession and Le Mans print boys bedroom

Since I've started looking at houses to buy next spring, I've mentally checked out of doing any actual decorating in our current house.  There are plenty of things I could do, if I were so inclined, but the only plans I have right now are for more organizing and purging of closets.

I am, however, thinking of what I'd like to do in the next house.  The Mister and I love vintage art posters, so I've been pinning some of my favorite posters from the past few years and drawing up mood boards around them.

I love the bright colors in this Le Mans print.  I've thought about using it for one of the boy's rooms in our next house. I drew up two moodboards around it--one with white walls, and one with deep yellow walls.

Le Mans print / madras bedding / red night table (the red appears to be discontinued) / rag rug /  Hemnes dresser / yellow lamp / yellow trim roman shade / Peugot print / Wild Things print (I'm sorry, I cannot remember where I found this)

The madras plaid and the braided rag rug gives this board a bright, casual feel.   We've owned a few braided rag rugs over the years; I love how they stand up to wear and the feel of the cotton rag rugs under your feet.  They also have a great mix of color without a distracting pattern.  

In the second option, I would paint the walls a deep egg yolk yellow.

Le Mans print / blue rug / Hemnes dresser / green nightstand / duvet / green trim roman shade / blue painting / red painting / red lamp

This board was inspired by my mother in law's bedroom; she has deep yellow on the walls with a cobalt blue tile floor.  I really like the combination and I've had this Le Mans print in the back of my  mind with that combination for a while.

What room should I pretend to do next?  I am thinking about a living room with last week's cobalt blue Gladiator print.  I am sort of obsessed with cobalt blue right now.  I think of it as a neutral; it goes with everything--yellow, green, red, pink, orange.

Do you have color obsessions?  For most of my twenties I was all over yellow and red; it was in every room of our house when we first got married.  In fact, the hall bathroom in our first house was painted deep egg yolk yellow with a red and yellow curtain and a Chat Noir poster.  Our bedroom was a paler yellow with the red patchwork quilt that I gave to my sister.

After my red and yellow phase came the blue and brown phase.  In 2004 I wanted to decorate our bedroom with aqua and brown bedding and couldn't find it anywhere.  Flash forward two years later and it was everywhere, but by then I was over it.  Next was the purple and orange phase. (All of this is pre-blog, and I was not into photographing  my living room at the time.)  After that was my red and aqua phase.  And now I have been big into navy and orange/coral for a few years.  Navy is in nearly every room in this house.  What will next year bring?

Do you have a color that you find yourself using over and over?  



  1. I like both boards-but I think the yellow walls wins for me-its so exciting! Great for the little guys room!
    I am currently deep into a turquise/yellow fase-its literally the underlaying theme in every room of our house-has been for the past 3 years-hopefully I don't tire of it too soon;)

  2. I vote for mood-board #1. Looks more manly to me. :-) And I'm a sucker for a braided rug, especially a round one.

    I seem drawn to orange. And I really like wood tones. It's not a color, but it's in most rooms of our house. I think I really like anything warm. Painting our master bathroom a really deep, chocolate brown. Boldest thing with color I've done. Think it's going to be great? We'll see...

  3. I've always enjoyed red and orange. We had a deep orange master bedroom back in 2005 when it was not as popular a color as it is today. The couple who ended up buying the house from us ordered us not to change the bedroom paint color ;).

    I like your #2 with the lovely yellow!

  4. Love your ideas, especially the first one. I'm a big fan of vintage posters as well. I have the gadiator print somewhere which I need to get framed.

  5. I like the second one best. Really I am not big into colors this way - if everything were black I'd be happy. Black with a little white and a little green is cool.

  6. Love both of these for a boy room! That yellow / cobalt really gets me too, and those vintage posters balance out the more traditional elements, like that madras bedding, so nicely.

    Before having an actual child, I had visions of taupe-y Restoration Hardware zen for his room. Now that my actual, rough-and-tumble boy is here, I'm working peppy cobalt, tomato red, and grey into his previously zzzzs taupe-and-baby-blue room.


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