Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One Room Challenge, Week 6, Part 1: furniture arrangments

Week six of the One Room Challenge  is here, if you can believe it.  You can see previous weeks here: Week 1 (moodboard)Week 2 (curtains)Week 3 Part 1 (art options), and Week 3, Part 2 (splatter painting), Week Four (bookshelves), and Week 5 (tv wall and ottoman).  

Our living room is 12 x 11.  It is not tiny, but it is not very big either.  In the past few weeks I've tried a few funiture arrangements.  I'm not very excited about any of them, but some of them work better than others.

The original furniture arrangment was to have the tv and bookshelves on one wall, the sofa on the opposite wall, and two chairs in front of either bookshelf.

This is the most workable arrangement. It allows for easy access to the sofa, there are places for guests to sit, and the bottom cupboards can be accessed, although not easily.

Things I don't like about this particular arrangement:  it is a bit tight.  To access the bottom cupboards one has to push the chairs up a bit.  The bottom two shelves of the bookshelf behind the sofa are blocked by the sofa.

In option number two, I considered putting all of the bookshelves along the far wall, and putting the tv in the corner.  Then I would swing the sofa around to face the tv.

As much as I love the thought of having a full wall of bookshelves behind the sofa, this arrangement didn't work because that essentially put the sofa in the middle of the room, blocking the fireplace.

Option three: move the two chairs to the wall of windows, and put the sofa with its back to the door.  I could still move the bookshelves to all one wall, and mount the tv over the fireplace.

This set-up created a narrow alleyway from the front door to the dining room. The room felt very boxed in with the back of the sofa created a hard demarcation in the room. Also, the two chairs were jammed into the corner, with the blue chair nearly touching the fireplace and the red chair touching the sofa.

Option four:  move the chairs to the back of the room, facing the fireplace.  This was almost a contender; I lived with it for a few days.  I liked that it gave the room a bit more space by the tv and the bookshelves were easily accessible.  The chairs gave the room definition without being a solid line blocking off the space, unlike the sofa in that spot.

However, there was still an alleyway of space between the front door and the dining room, behind the chairs.

The biggest problem, however, is that the room is only 12 x 11, and that there just isn't enough room to put furniture in that spot and still access the living room.

See that 12 inches or so to the left of the blue chair?  That's how you enter the room.  The red chair nearly touches the sofa.  There's not enough room to walk between the chairs.

So, we are back to option number one: the chairs layered in front of the bookshelves.  Note to self: buy bigger house.

Go on over to Week Six, Part 2, where I show the entire room in its (mostly) finished state.

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