Thursday, August 16, 2012

William Morris: the fabric cabinet

When we moved all the books from the garage to the living room, the cabinet in the garage that held all the books was left empty.

This is super exciting, because it means that I now have a free-standing cabinet to store fabric in.  I have a number of fabrics left over from various projects over the years, and fabrics I've bought a yard or two of just because I like them.  For years the fabrics have lived in a plastic rubbermaid bin, stashed in the bottom of a closet or the attic or the garage.  The drawback to keeping all the fabric in a bin is that I can't see the fabric at a glance, and usually have to unload the bin any time I want to use a particular fabric.

I've posted before about how I would love to have a closet or cabinet for fabric storage.  This cabinet is a plastic shelf unit from Home Depot that we have used for storage in our previous garages and basements, and it is not the glass-fronted cabinet of my dreams, but it is free, and we have room for it in the garage, and its plastic functionality makes me supremely happy.

I've organized all my craft and fabric supplies in small plastic bins we already own.  My collection of ribbons and trim were corralled in two bins, and the third bin holds glue-type items, such as the hot glue guns, glue sticks, hemming tape, spray adhesive, fabric glue and fun-tac.  My paint decks also live on the top shelf.

The bottom row also holds more project supplies, like wooden letters from a previous project, silk flowers, and a wooden tray I will get around to painting someday.

I did not ROYGBIV the fabrics, but they are mostly grouped by colors.

I seem to have a lot of blues and browns.  And cut-up duvets.  Sharp eyes might spot two yards of the never-ending mistake Gullan Blom fabric.

This free, ugly plastic cabinet is one of my happiest projects to date.  I can see all of my fabrics, they are easily accessible, all of the trims and crafting supplies are organized and in one place.

I have high hopes that the house we are currently shopping for will have a space that will be mine, with a table for creating stuff and my glass fronted fabric cabinet, but until then, I'm enjoying my creative stuff being in one place and organized.

I am linking up to Pancakes and French Fries William Morris Project.  


  1. Fabulous! It's so great to be able to see all that fabric goodness at once. Have fun making stuff!

  2. Wow that is a Pinner's Dream Craft Closet!

  3. Oh this is fabulous ... life's little gifts make us the happiest!! I gave away a ton of fabric recently because I had so much ... I am still mourning that decision!! xoxo

  4. Looks great! I also have dreams of a crafting room, but I was equally excited this spring when I was able to clear out an existing garage cabinet and put all the craft supplies in one place. Using what you've got is always awesome.

  5. Looks super organized! Go you!!

  6. When you are finished will you come to NC and mine in order! LOL! Looks great! Enjoy your weekend!


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