Monday, September 10, 2012

blue Gladiator living room

Since I don't actually have a new house to decorate yet, I've been drawing up moodboards to pretend I do.  As you already know, I love the blue Gladiator print. (See the previous bedroom moodboard here.)  Here I've used it as inspiration for a living room.

Somehow, some way, there will be an entire wall of bookshelves in my next house.

I already have the Petrie sofa.

Lately the stuff I've been thinking about is less Hollywood Regency and slightly more bohemian. This Minar rug from Anthropologie is an amazing mix of color and pattern, and you could go in so many different design directions with this rug.  Sadly, it is only 5 x 7, so it probably won't be big enough for a living room unless layered over another rug. Maybe I should draw up a little girl bedroom around this rug.

It is unlikely I will ever own a white upholstered racing stripe chair (that chair is already dirty just by my children eyeing it on the computer screen), but a girl can dream.

For years I have wanted this Kalah ikat fabric, but haven't had anywhere to put it.  I am afraid that by the time I get around to actually buying a house, I will be tired of these fabrics I have loved from afar but don't own and will be on to new and exciting fabrics.  Not bored, really--its just that there are so many wonderful and gorgeous fabrics out there that I want to own them all.  

Because the rug is so patterned and colorful, I would not get too crazy with painted furniture or other patterns. I'd probably stick to wood tones in the furniture (like the dresser and the coffee table) to give the room some more texture but a neutral backdrop to the rug. The bone inlaid mirror, the agate lamp, and the wicker storage basket are natural materials that provide texture, interest and warmth but don't compete with the rug.

The Jonathan Adler fabric pillow mimics the diamond shapes in the rug.

Last but not least, the bubble chandelier is a nice little taste of something different.  


  1. Great. I was wondering what to do with my gladiator poster;).

  2. Very nice! I just saw a very similar bone inlaid mirror at HomeGoods.

  3. I used IKEA expedit bookshelves to cover an entire wall in my dining rm about 2 yrs ago. It only cost a few hundred dollars, but made a huge impact in my open concept space. I used the largest one in the middle and the other sizes on the sides and on top. Holds soo many books and looks great.


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