Friday, September 14, 2012

portrait paintings

After a long time of loving abstract art (still do), I am branching out into portraits/pictures with people in them.  I'd love to find some oil paintings, but have searched the thrift stores around here in vain.

These two portraits are in Erin from Design Crisis's house.  Are you reading Design Crisis?  Because it is an excellent excellent super excellent blog.  I lurrrve her house.  (She just had a baby like a week ago, so she hasn't posted much lately, but I am obsessed with her house, so I will wait (im)patiently until she posts again.)

via Design Crisis
This one is also from Design Crisis; you've probably seen this one all over Pinterest and blogland:

via Design Crisis
Kristen Panitch Interiors:
via Kristen Panitch
An enormous portrait of President Harrison in the first episode of Secrets From A Stylist:

via hgtv
Emily Henderson's home office:
via Emily Henderson

Pretty girl in a straw boater in Katie Rosenfeld's house:
via Katie Rosenfeld
Plum Cushion's workroom:
via Little Green Notebook
Ideas on where to find these awesome pieces of art?  


  1. Thrift stores can be treasure troves of original oil portraits - I've had a lot of luck with them.

  2. Yes, thrift stores. Vintage shops. I've seen lots of cool ones. I always thought it would be weird to have a portrait of someone I don't know, but this post has me seeing that in a whole different way. Really like these images you've found.

  3. Love these! So random but Melanie of plum cushion is a really good friend of mine.


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