Thursday, September 6, 2012

navy blue library by Phoebe Howard

As I was reading the September issue of House Beautiful on the plane this weekend, I gasped as I came across this blue library decorated by Phoebe Howard.

via Phoebe Howard
I can't find the picture that House Beautiful used.  It was taken from right beside the the leather club chair, and seems slightly different than this picture.  In the HB version, the blue of the wall is deeper and richer, and the blue velvet sofa has a rich shimmer to it. The styling on the side table is also different; there is a yellow vase and a small asian bust instead of the bird and the flowers.

Although I don't think the room shows as nicely in the above picture as it does in the HB picture, I love this room. I love how the gleaming wood of the antique side table and the aged leather complements the deep blue. The red and blue in the rug ties in nicely with the Civil War flag.  I love the BM Newburyport Blue on the walls.  I need a navy blue velvet sofa in my next house.

(I think I could do without that ottoman.)

I would love to do a similar room in our next house.  It works nicely with my current cobalt blue obsession.  Its masculine and traditional.  Seems very man-cave-ish, doesn't it?

Do you have any inspiration images you're currently obsessing on?


  1. I think we are all loving the warm dark tones right now ... are we ready for a shift from neutral??? I know I am!! And I love Phoebe!! ... agree about the ottoman!! xo

  2. I do love blue, in all shades. How's the house hunting going?

  3. Once I read that mag I seriously searched for longer than I care to admit for that HB pic stink'n luck

  4. I admit to falling for plaid - I love the ottoman - not the club chair though! :)

  5. I love the American flag! My fiance and I are currently looking into Hawaii real estate and I know he is going to put a flag up somewhere. I will have to show him this idea. Thanks for sharing!


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