Wednesday, September 26, 2012

pumping gas, October, house hunting

Despite having pumped my own gas now for six months, I always pull in to the pump, turn off the car, and sit there, waiting for the attendant.  Then after no one comes, I think OH RIGHT and get out and do it myself. Every time.

I have zero idea how to pay with cash.  Does one walk into the store and ask them to turn on the pump?  Pump first, then pay? Ask for $20 on pump #7?  What if you want to fill up and don't know how much it will cost?

Life skillz, I haz them!  You're never too old to learn something new.


Greg is out of school on three weeks of fall vacation.  I am greatly enjoying sleeping in for another forty-five minutes in the morning.


Despite the fact that next week is October (the hell??), it is still the height of summer here.  It looks pretty much the same as when we got here six months ago, although I'd say the outdoors is a bit browner and crispier looking.  But otherwise, the same.  And hot.

It feels very weird not to have seasons.  And not to be needing long pants even though next week is October.


We have decided to call off the house hunting and stay in our town for another year.  We have a number of things we'd like to do next year, and we've decided to do them instead of buying a house.

I cannot live with the current living room furniture arrangement for another eighteen months--I was willing to put up with it for six more months if we were buying a house, but Something Must Be Done if we are to stay here longer.  Look for my post on living without furniture in your living room, coming soon!


  1. I was cracking up reading this because as a Jersey Girl who has only pumped gas once in her life (NY) I am baffled by the whole thing! too!
    Glad to hear your getting motivated to decorate and can't wait to see the progress!

  2. I don't think I've ever paid cash at the pump so I'm clueless as well.

    Its definitely cooler here than in SoCal but I'm still disappointed with the temps. I need cool crisp air stat!

  3. Some gas stations have signs on the pumps that say they accept prepaying inside or credit cards. In that case to pay with cash, you go inside before pumping and tell them how much you want to pay (say $20) and what pump you parked at. Then you give them $20. You go back out and pump. The pump automatically turns off after it dispenses $20 of gas. So pay less than you think it will cost to fill the tank.

    Otherwise you just pump like normal and then go inside and pay whatever the total is.


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