Friday, September 28, 2012

Sarah Richardson living room, design IDEAS

I really really want to show you this amazing living room from Sarah Richardson's Toronto home featured in HGTV Magazine, but I cannot find a full size image from the article.  This small snippet is all I could glean from her website, but you can see the entire room if you go to the website (look in the upper right corner for "click to read article").

I love this room.  The red and orange chevron drapes make a huge statement, and I am rapidly becoming obsessed with persian rugs.  I love the idea of using  projector tv, where the screen rolls up to reveal art when you aren't watching tv.

You know what else I noticed?  The bones of the room are neutral furniture and a multicolored persian rug.  Take away the drapes and the red/orange accents, and you have a blank slate.


Now that we've decided to stay in this house for another year, I'm looking at design problems that have bugged me in this house but I haven't felt like putting much effort into since I had planned on leaving in a few months.  And today I had AN IDEA about what to do with the Princess's bedroom and the upstairs landing and hooooo boy I am putting the Mister to work this weekend.

I'm sure the Mister will be thrilled to hear it.

I'm still working on an extremely limited budget, and we are still only staying an extra year, not forever, so I don't want to spend any money on this house. I'm just trying to implement ideas using what I already have for free or can gussy up inexpensively.  BUT I HAVE IDEAS!

I think the wallowing may be over.


  1. Nice! I love Sarah's style and personality.

  2. Oh, I love when the creative juices get flowing and you can come up with an inexpensive fix to a problem. Looking forward to seeing your redo!

  3. SR is amazingly inspiring! Her beach house on the private island makes me drool with envy- seriously great!!


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