Monday, September 24, 2012

Design fail: ottoman

Remember when I bought this ottoman a few months ago?

Prior to the round ottoman, I had two square leather ottomans.

I liked their functionality--the Mister and I could sit on the sofa and both prop our feet up on separate ottomans, they were good for extra seating, they had storage inside, and you could flip the top over and use them as tables for eating.  However, they were extremely heavy, hard to move around, and just felt like it was two more pieces of furniture cluttering up what is already a very small space.

Aesthetically, I like the round tufted ottoman.  It looks nicer in the space and it provides a better traffic flow than the two squares. little hamster legs can't reach the ottoman when I sit in my favorite spot at the end of the sofa.  And at forty-two inches, the ottoman nearly touches the center of the sofa and both chairs on the other side.  Its a wee bit too big for the spot.  There's too much furniture in this tiny room.

Although it looks pretty, the round ottoman is a functional design fail.

Ever bought anything tht you loved how it looks but it just doesn't perform how you had hoped?


  1. I hate when that stuff happens. I feel for you...back to CL!

  2. Yes, I call it living and learning. I am like that. I try, fail, try, fail and generally turn out with something dynamite that I would have never tried in the first place. (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have to fail to figure it out!) But you will find another home for the round ottoman!! xo

  3. That sucks...about your hamster legs, I mean;). You'll find something else.

  4. Dontcha hate that?? I had a similar ottoman problem, but I just put it on casters and it's light enough to easily scoot around the living room. I use the term "casters" loosely... because they're plastic office chair ones that I found at Goodwill Outlet... and they're not very stylish, but they were 50 cents and they do the job!

  5. also... I LOVE the art and your curtains. I think about your curtains all the time as I'm trying to brighten up my living room.


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