Friday, September 21, 2012

Honeycrisps, end of the wallowing

It took ten days of concerted effort, but I finally declared dominion over Greg's birthday cake leftovers.

There are  no Honeycrisp apples to be had here!  WTH, Southern California??  The best part of fall is eating a Honeycrisp apple and wearing a sweater in 50 degree weather.  Neither of which are happening in this 98 degree desert. Harry and David wants $45 + shipping for $3 worth of apples. Hmph.

I have been wallowing for a few months weeks in my first world problems of what am I going to do with my life and I don't have a career and where are we going to live next year and ugh I don't want to move again and my babies are all in school and I am old and I should be doing something productive with all this time my children aren't around.

Perhaps you've noticed my blogging and decorating has been sporadic at best.  Wallowing sucks up blogging time. Moving here sort of threw me for a loop and its taken me a while to readjust.

I think I'm done wallowing for the moment.  I don't have a career.  I can't figure out what to do with my lack of career. I'll figure it out eventually. We'll find a house, and it will either be here where I have made friends, or it won't.  There are currently four houses for sale in our price range in this town, so its unlikely I will buy here.  I will eventually make new friends yet again.  Deal with it when it comes.

I have done zero productive things with my time while the kids are in school. I thought I would have all this time to do stuff, except I seem to be doing all the same stuff I was doing before, except now its a lot quieter, and I have some time left over to read.

I feel like decorating again.  I have been holding off doing much, what with the wallowing, and with the lack of budget currently and the prospective move to someplace else in six months so spending money on this place doesn't make much sense, but I am feeling up to the challenge again.

Nester has a great series on working with limitations, and that's what I need to do. Luckily I have a garage full of decorating crap and I'm recovering my optimistic outlook.

Things will come around again. Right?


For thirty-eight years I have associated September with cool nights and tuning leaves and really good apples and buying long pants and sweaters.  I keep picking up long pants and sweaters in Target for the kids, then putting them back because there is no need for long pants and sweaters when the temperatures are consistently 95 degrees with no end in sight.

Friends out  here have said to me that the monotony of the weather is nice once you get used to it. (It has been hot and sunny here for months--no rain, no cloudy days, just sun sun sun.)  I will be thrilled in January when the temps are in the sixties and I'm not shoveling snow or paying our usual $500 heating bill.

But I miss fall.


  1. I hate it when I'm in a rut. The nester series will be good for you.

    I feel you on the fall thing. The temps are creeping down but just when I think the heat is gone, an 85 degree day pops up. I want my fall already!!!!!

  2. "I have done zero productive things with my time while the kids are in school. I thought I would have all this time to do stuff, except I seem to be doing all the same stuff I was doing before, except now its a lot quieter, and I have some time left over to read."

    Sounds like one of your values might be that (very American female) value of Always Being Busy. But is that really your own personal value or our larger society's values talking?

    At times like this, when life hands us mothers some space to examine ourselves and to reflect, I try to see it as a little gift. You could choose to reframe actions like taking time to read after all these years of mothering as your true self's desire to give yourself the gifts of solitude and rest and maybe even the space to dream a little.

    What if you set a timer for 10 minutes and wrote down all the outrageous, wildest dreams you have, and didn't in any way edit yourself? I bet some cool things would show up on there that you might very illuminating.

  3. I will totally eat some applesauce made with Honeycrisps for you, and when I get unsick will go crunch in the changing leaves for you too.

  4. Trader Joes has honeycrisps, usually, but probably a little farther into October or November.
    Missing fall is definitely the worst part of living in CA, but I love summer so I am happy to have it go on and on. Plus I LOVE LOVE LOVE being able to have a winter garden. I do, however, recommend taking a fall trip to somewhere with crunchy leaves as an antidote to fall missage.

  5. I saw Honeycrsips at Trader Joe's last week! And I know Sprouts has them, or will have them soon.

    I also looove fall, though we only really have it for about 2-3 weeks here!

  6. Living in NJ and loving summer, I always wondered if I would like warm weather all the time.. Probably not but you'll be happy in January:)

  7. Lisa, I could have written this post! I'm in the wallowing phase too and have almost given up on projects and blogging. I'll have to check out the Nester's series. While it's sad not having fall weather, think about how awesome January will be when the rest of us are stuck in snowdrifts!


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