Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas tree is up!

I am not a seasonal decorator, as you may have surmised from the lack of seasonal decorating posts around these parts. Growing up, my mother changed the seasonal decor on a monthly basis, but that gene seems to have skipped a generation. The only seasonal decorating I partake in is carving pumpkins for Halloween and putting up Christmas trees.

We put up our Christmas tree today.
Its a bit slanty.  As in, it looks like its about to pitch forward. This characteristic did not make itself known until we got it home and in the tree stand.   So now its tied down by two 20-lb weights in the back. And it still looks like its going to fall over.

The kids refused to decorate the bottom.  Everyone wanted to decorate the top by standing on their tippytoes on top of chairs.

We have a number of bell ornaments, which were a big hit this year.

My brother in law gave us the Christmas Story lights a few years ago as a Christmas present.  They have made it onto the tree every year since.  They make me laugh.  And we always say "FRA-JEEEL-LAY.  They must be Italian" when we hang them.


  1. We JUST now finished decorating our tree, which, I swear, is far, far too big. As soon as we finished, and as soon as the kids dashed upstairs to get ready for bed, I rushed to rearrange the lower branches. Even my oldest, almost as tall as me, loaded up the bottom of this thing!


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