Monday, December 6, 2010

What color should I paint it?

As I posted earlier, I got a campaign dresser!  Eventually I'd like to paint it a pretty color.  Here are some campaign dressers in my inspiration files.  

Why yes, this is from Emily Clark's office, which I have featured on my blog 8 bazillion times.  You must be thinking that I really really really like that room.  You'd be right, cuz I do. And look--she has an awesome campaign dresser painted a beautiful kelly green!  

This one is from Cassie & Co.:

The next two are from Little Green Notebook (although I think the green one is via Lonny).
I love the little campaign dresser against the chinoiserie wallpaper:

Bright, happy colors!  Any ideas on what color I should paint mine, since my living room has a purple sofa, blue rug, red leather chair and brick/blue/off-white/brown chinoiserie curtains?


  1. Love the first green option. Great combination of subtle and spark.

  2. So jealous that you got a campaign is on my long time wish list! Please, please put some tassels on yours like that last picture. Love.

  3. I thought about painting mine that green too, but I'm thinking bright red is the way to go.


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