Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow day

We got alot of snow.

I hate snow.

Kids like it, though.

Princess got all dressed up to go outside...and the snow was up to her neck.  So she stayed inside while the boys went out with Nonno and the Mister to shovel.

Couldn't get out the back, so we tried the basement, which has a backdoor that opens onto a covered stairwell...that didn't work either:

The drifts in the back were too high to get through to the garage, so everyone trooped out the front, where the snow wasn't as high.  Nonno acted as the human snowplow as they waded through knee-high snow around the side.

Peter had trouble getting through the snow, so the Mister carried him.

The back of the house and the driveway got the worst of the snow.  Very high winds gave us pretty huge drifts.

Nonno and the Mister shoveled for two hours this morning, took a break for a while, and are back out there now, trying to finish the driveway.  The three feet mound of snow that snowplows dumped at the bottom of the driveway is taking a while to get rid of.

Throwing snowballs at Nonno:

Princess insists on wearing her snowboots, even if she can't go outside.

And we made a fire to warm everyone up.


  1. yes, I am officially sick of snow. I'd be happy if we didn't get any more for the rest of the winter.

  2. That is a serious amount of snow!! We close schools here if we get a couple of inches!


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