Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Matters of Style apartment

I know, I'm not a design blog, but sometimes I come across design stuff I love and just want to share.

I was looking at Apartment Therapy last week and came across this great apartment.  It belongs to Allison of the style blog Matters of Style. The entire apartment is only 850 square feet, and its decorated with "Palm Beach inspired Asian elements."  She jokes that has so many faux bamboo pieces she could land a spot on the Golden Girls, and describes her style as "retiree chic."  I love it.  I want my house to look like this.  Why oh why are there no thrift stores around here?

I'm in a bit of a peacock phase...I'm finding myself loving fabrics that have them.  Like these pillows.

Bamboo chairs with a (Ikea) Saarinen-style table is a great contrast.

Suddenly I am seeing these federal mirrors everywhere.  Are they the next big thing or are they last big thing that I never noticed?

I love that the antlers appear to be on the goose head. And I want a faux bamboo bar cart.  Even though I don't drink.

I'm not so excited about taxidermy, but she inherited it from her grandfather and its a prized possession. The bamboo etagere, on the other hand, I want.

Of course, a gallery wall:

I've been looking for a campaign dresser for months on Craigslist, to no avail.  This glossy black one is so cool, and she painted it herself.

I swear I remember my grandmother had a campaign dresser and some federal style eagles on a bookshelf at the house on 7 Montclair when I was growing up.   Grandma, do you still have that stuff in the garage?

I love all the bamboo and chinoiserie touches, and there are so many in the full apartment tour (chairs, two etageres, mirrors, bar carts, etc):

Check out the whole house tour here.

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