Friday, December 17, 2010

The contents of my purse

I thought you might enjoy a peek into the glamorous contents of my purse.  Me and Kim Kardashian are carrying the same stuff:

That would be:
4 dinosaurs ( stegosaurus, a triceratops, a t-rex (he's in the back, RAWR), and I think a compsognathus?)
2 Thomas trains
2 matchbox cars (this is weird, I usually have three of everything)
one baby spoon
one bag of goldfish pretzels
one wooden teether toy
lots of change
a massage appointment card
two size 6 diapers
27 coupons (the large pile of paper in the back)
yellow Michael Kors wallet
my phone
antibacterial hand gel
one Sesame St book
3 boxes of tic-tacs (two orange, one cherry passion)
one pencil

I spared you all the fine film of goldfish detritus littering the bottom of the bag.

I took 9 shots of this little hand darting in to grab a dinosaur before getting one hand-free shot.

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