Friday, August 27, 2010

Design FAIL

The beach at Santa Maria di Castellabate had its fair share of rocks.  I picked up a few small ones to bring home as reminders of where we've been.  That night I thought to myself, oooh, I'll pick up A WHOLE BUNCH and put them in one of my apothecary jars at home...every time I look at them I will think of Italy!

Here is a picture of the rocks I picked up:

The next day I ended up staying home so Princess could nap, and the Mister took the boys to the beach.  I told him my plan, and asked him to have the boys pick some pretty rocks for our collection.  I showed him the rocks I had chosen, and asked for them to similar in size. 

Here are the boulders they brought back:

Okayyyyyyyy....I will work with what I got, I suppose. We were at the beach in Long Island this weekend, so I picked up some small pretty rocks, and mixed those in with the giant boulders. 

Here are the apothecary jars that live on the shelf above the tv:

I took the orange stuff out, transferred the blue stuff in, and used the apothecary jar with the widest mouth to put in my Italian rocks.

There is a flaw in my plan, however.  The Mister is uncomfortable with so much crap living on a shelf above the preshus television.  The Mister will have a cow if I put a container of rocks up there.

Ok...apothecary jar now living on the sideboard under the tv.

Where it has already been molested by little hands. And....its sentimental, but its a wee bit boring. 


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  1. It has potential if you just put it somewhere about a bathroom or the dining room? I think it's a cute idea. :-)


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