Thursday, August 12, 2010

Want some lemonaide? TOO BAD.

I'm thirsty! Look, there is lemonaide in the fridge! I will drink some. 

Although there does not appear to be a large amount of lemonaide left in the bottle, there must be some, because no one would put an empty container back in the fridge, would they?

It appears they would. *shakes fist at the sky*

But wait!

I spoke too soon! Lo, there is still some left in the bottle. 
I better put it back in the fridge.  Someone might want to drink that when they get home from work.

This drives me INSANE, people.  INSANE.  

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  1. i went to make a margarita recently, and 'someone' had done this with the tequila. much more upsetting than lemonade, i assure you ;)

    another habit 'someone' has is to open a new container of food before the old one is finished. then we have two half eaten containers of the same item.


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