Sunday, August 1, 2010

We are home!

We are home!

We are awake!

Its 4:54 am!

My children went to bed at their regularly scheduled time of 7 pm last night but got up for the day at 1 am!

I am tired!

My children are scavenging breakfast for eating the pizza crusts that I left on the dinner table last night.

International travel with three children under the age of five, one of whom has a severe food allergy and thus every meal becomes the Spanish Inquisition, is not really a "vacation".  However, it was a lovely trip and we had a great time seeing the family.

I've been toying with starting a private family blog, a diary of sorts (name ideas, anyone?  I was thinking the family joke of Whaddya say Bern...but that seems hard to spell).  There I will post in excruciating detail every single day of the trip. What, don't you all love being forced to sit through other people's vacation pictures?  I kind of hate that.  I had a landscape architecture teacher in college who started half of his lectures with "now here are some slides of when I went on vacation in blah blah blah....heheh, isn't it great I get paid to force 200 youngsters to watch my vacation slides?"

I will, however, post a short (haha) recap of the trip. 

Wow, I did a really good job cleaning out the fridge before we left.  Our options for breakfast include lime juice, barbeque sauce, and.....nothing.  I'm having a Milano cookie I found in my luggage.  All the pizza crusts have been devoured by the children.  

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