Thursday, August 19, 2010

lists, because I'm lazy

1.) I'm working on a post about camp....I'm sure you're all waiting with bated breath for that one. Actually, since 99% of my readers are related to me, you probably are all waiting with bated breath.  Breathe, people, it may take me a few days since I took 932 pictures. 

2) My hair looks terrible.

3) No, really, it looks terrible.  And now I am rescheduling this weekend's planned cut and color (for the FOURTH TIME) because someone sprung a work event on me.  Had I known that I would be spending an entire day with fancy New York people who wear nice shoes and have nice hair, I might have tried a little harder to get my hair done BEFORE this event.  Sigh. 

4) I'm starting to look like this:

5) Like my deodorant, whenever I find a hairdresser I like, they somehow become unavailable.  Either we move far away, they go on a year long maternity leave, or they just stop cutting hair.  Since moving up here I had gotten a recommendation for a great hairdresser, Abby.  I really like Abby---she understood what I wanted with my hair and she did the best color I have ever gotten.  A beautiful, warm, rich golden brown with blonde highlights that looked very natural, and when it grew out, it only looked like the grey around my face was growing out----I never had that all-over roots look. 

Of course, as these things are wont (destined?) to do, she got a new job.  That's fine, I wasn't overly fond of the salon she worked at.  Except....she got a new job at a very upscale, VERY EXPENSIVE new salon. And she stopped cutting hair and only does color now. 

I called to schedule a partial highlight with her at the new place....and it turns out that a basic partial highlight, no glaze....starts at $175.


I said to the, so, the new place is maybe a wee bit more than $175 plus a glaze plus tip and um.....and he said "HELL NO."  (See how oppressed I am?)


6) I spent a good portion of yesterday looking through haircut magazines and couldn't find a short haircut that I wanted.

7) I need to bake a birthday cake.  And wrap some birthday presents.  And take the boys into the city to have a birthday lunch with the Mister.  Who turns 36 today.  Closer to fifty than you are to twenty! Woohoo!

8) The incoming college freshman class of 2014 starts today. WTF, universe??? WHEN DID I GET THIS OLD???

9) My baby starts kindergarten in two weeks.  While on one hand, the school year cannot start soon enough, on the other hand, waaaaaah, my BABY is starting KINDERGARTEN.  Insert cliched "just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital" here.


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  1. You are sooo oppressed. Bad Mr. Mister (yeah, that's kind of weird looking). kindergarten!


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