Saturday, August 7, 2010

foyer revisted

Last we saw the foyer, it looked like this:

And now, I've taken down the bird decal and the bird art at the far end, and hung up the ceramics on the left, and a mirror on the right. 

I bought this mirror a few months ago for the spot directly opposite the ceramics, but it doesn't seem to go very well there. I've tried it in a few other places around the house and it doesn't look right in any of them. I took down the two bird pieces because I didn't like them with the ceramics.  Which left me with a blank wall and heavens, we can't have that.  So, the long mirror.

Meh.  I think it needs to be painted a different color or something.  I like having a mirror in the spot, and I like the woodwork frame around the mirror....but the off-white color does nothing for me.

Also! I took down the naked derriere Botero.  I see enough naked hineys during my day, I am tired of seeing her when I walk in the door.  She currently resides in the kitchen, although I think she's getting kicked out of there as well.

I replaced her with a Seguin Poirier we bought on our trip to Montreal many years ago.  Although I like the colors, I think its not quite right.  Could be hung lower (I lazily hung it on the nail already there.)

However, I have decided I would like a mirror in that spot. Its the only spot in the apartment that does not get any light and I think a mirror would help bounce some light around. I'd like to get this mirror:

If it looks familiar its because I used a pair of them in my mother in law's dining room. 

The Mister's reaction: Aren't there already a ton of mirrors in our house? Do we really need another?

The Mister is frequently right in matters of fashion and decorating.  On the other hand, I just counted the mirrors and there are two! One in the foyer (the long skinny one above) and another one in the living room, nowhere near the foyer.  Two is hardly a ton.  On the other hand, two mirrors in the foyer?

So....what color to paint the long skinny mirror?  Get rid of it altogether?

Replace the Seguin  with a mirror?  Keep art there?

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