Monday, August 9, 2010

more ceramics!

I've hung the rest of the Italian ceramics we bought.  As usual, I am wishing that I had bought a few more.

And now, the naked lady Botero (previously hanging in the foyer and then the kitchen) has been banished from the kitchen and is living in the attic.  Take that, naked heiney woman. We gots us some classy Italian ceramics in the house. 

Nearly all of the pieces are landscapes, except for the figure playing the guitar.  He's a Pulcinella, a stock character from the Comedia Dell'Arte.  Usually you find them as figurines (see my mother in law's spaghetti-eating pulcinella figurine in this post, towards the bottom), and I wanted to get one for us on our trip to Italy.  Unfortunately we weren't able to get to the section of Naples known for pulcinellas, but I when I saw this one in Vietri I thought it would be an acceptable substitute.

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