Monday, August 30, 2010

Where I blog

Kate at Centsational Girl is having a blog linkup of "where you blog".  Centsational Girl is a fantastic decor blog with lots of DIY stuff.  If you aren't reading it, you should :-) 

I blog in one of two places, usually.  Either at my desk, which is tucked under an eave in the living room:

or on the sofa at night after the kids go to bed (me and Buzz Lightyear).

The pic of my desk above is cleaned up for the camera.  Here is what my desk looked like before I cleaned it off for the picture:

When its clean, its one of my favorite areas in the house. I love having the pictures of the kids hanging over the desk. Sadly, it frequently looks messy like that--library books, hats, half-eaten peach, only one lamp works despite having been fixed twice, the digital frame I got for Christmas I still haven't put pictures in, and of course, the 400 cords under the desk.

I have some plans to make my desk area a bit nicer.  The cords below are driving me crazy, and its now the Princess's favorite area to hide under and suck on my computer power cords, so something needs to be done about it toot sweet.  I'd really like a small cabinet with three drawers that I could cut out the back of the bottom drawer and hide all the cords in, and the upper two drawers could be used to store stuff that always ends up on top of the desk, like camera SD cards, checkbooks, etc.

I'm considering this from Ikea,

but would like something a bit cheaper (esp since I plan to hack up the back of it), and an inch shorter if possible.  But, since Princess is making the electrical outlet wires her playground, I don't have months to search for the right piece, and may just buy it this week if I can't find something cheaper. 

I'd like a new pair of chairs for my desk, because the desk is pretty long, and the kids like to sit beside me and play with their toys, or read books, etc. After my desk chair re-do debacle, now I'm using some old dining chairs that I'm not overly fond of.  I''m considering sanding them down and painting them red...but I'm really sick of painting chairs.  Or painting anything, for that matter.  And these chairs have all the square spindles on the back that would be annoying to paint.  But they are free!  And I already have red paint!  Ugh. So not in the mood.  But I'm also not in the mood to spend money on two new chairs when I have all these dumb free chairs in my attic.

I've considered these chairs from Target, because they are bright and cheerful and cheap and come as a pair.  Unfortunately, I'd like turquoise or red, and they don't come in either of those colors.

The hunt for chairs continues.

*****Update: the desk chairs I redid can be seen here, and the cords were hidden away here.


  1. Go ahead and get the chairs and paint them whatever color you want. The spray paint for plastic (they are plastic, aren't they?) will do a great job, and the chairs will be completely customized for YOUR room. (and there's no infuriating spindles to paint ... just spray and go.)


  2. Yay! I hope everyone join's the party - I need to snap a pic when I get home from work today :)

  3. I like the look of your desk before you cleaned up, looks loved! From experience if you put all those extras in the drawers you buy, the space they leave on your desk, will soon be filled with other things!!!!

  4. Love your spot and the red lamps!


  5. I love that you kept it real with that desk shot! :) I too, say go for the Target chairs and get some spray paint for plastic. I think they'd look great in your space! :)

  6. Ha ! I love the pic with all the wires, that reminds me of an 'ordinary' day at my place ! Your lamps are so pretty !! My kids have those green chairs, I love them ! They also come in white and navy blue, the white might work for you !? Thanks so much for linking up today, this is so much fun !


  7. I love those lamps with the red shades! I'm glad you put up a before shot, I did also. Very scary! I love the white desk and the drawer would be great.

  8. I am loving this party - I love peeking into other's homes.

  9. Your work space is beautiful! The kid's photos look great lined up over the desk and those lamps are pretty special. Glad I'm not the only who had to clear the desk before snapping a pic.


  10. totally awesome!!! Both clean and when working :) I love all things red, white and black.

  11. I love the "before" picture because that is totally how mine was until I decided to photograph it....!


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