Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#5 Meaning behind my blog name

Back in June of last year I was working on my mother in law's kitchen, bathroom and home office, and talking to my sisters on a daily basis about ideas for the spaces. (My sisters are my BFFs.)  I did a lot of internet window shopping, bothering my at-work sisters on gchat with links--look at this! Or how about this! I don't recall how it came about, but someone (maybe me?) said "you should have a blog."   

I toyed with it for a while, thought, ok, yes! I will blog!  However, original ideas are not my forte and I could not think of a good blog name.  I would have gone with the Mexican Casserole, but 1) I wanted a blog name that was meaningful to my family with the Mister and our kids, not a family joke from my childhood, and 2) an alcoholic divorcee in Atlanta had already absconded with the Mexican Casserole.  

At the time Peter was obsessed with the Pigeon series by Mo Willems, and my sister suggested I use Pigeon Starts a Blog...or Pigeon Has a Blog...or something about pigeons. I forget. I set up that blog for about 6 hours, then decided I hated that name and didn't want the copyrighted wrath of Mo Willems raining down on me, so I took it down, but couldn't figure out how to change my author name, so if you wonder why my early posts have "posted by Pigeon" on them, that's why.  

One Sunday the Mister and I were out and about running errands, and I was complaining vociferously about the incredibly high cost of housing located within an hour and a half of the Mister's job, and moving further away means that the Mister spends nearly as much time commuting as he does working...a rant the Mister has heard quite a few times....and he said "well, there you have it.  Trapped In North Jersey. Your new blog name."  


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