Thursday, February 10, 2011

No more yankee my wankee!

For the fifth day in a row, I am waiting for PSE&G to come to my house and fix our heater.  And for the fifth day in a row my time frame is between 8 and 4.  This makes school drop off and pick up logistically difficult.   Of course, perhaps if they actually FIXED THE DAMN (BRAND NEW!!!) FURNACE properly while they were here, this would not be an issue?  Just a thought.

My children are willfully ignoring me lately.  I say, Greg, come get ready for school.  I am greeted with silence.  I yell, GREG!!  Silence.  GREGGGGGG!!!! ANSWER ME!!!!  I AM TALKING TO YOU!!!! (heavy sigh, WHAT??? I'm pretending its the first time I heard you and why are you being so mean?)

This makes me feel like the grandmother in Sixteen Candles:  "Dong, Grandpa is talking to you!" Complete with Grandpa's idiot clap.

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