Wednesday, February 9, 2011

more rugs! from Lands End

Bryn at Bryn Alexandra Interiors posted about stuff from Lands End, and it never occurred to me to look there for a rug, but lo and behold they have two that would look lovely!
Geometric pattern rug

Paisley rug
They are the color and style I am looking for, and the price is excellent--$99.50 for a 5x8.  However, they are made of canvas, and even in the picture they look wrinkled.  It also seems like it might be thin and prone to moving around.   Has anyone ever had a canvas rug?  Is it as wrinkly as it looks?

Also---Sara at Russet Street Reno had a terrible experience with RugsUSA, so it sounds like I should cross the chain link rug off my list.

Jenny at Little Green Notebook, on the other hand, has put up a 10% off coupon for ABC Carpet (which is where you could get the Madeline Weinrib rugs I mentioned the other day.)  Woohoo, coupons.

Look at me, all name-dropping.  Next thing you know I'll be telling you I'm BFFs with Sarah Richardson. (We like, so totally are.)   

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