Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ikea map art

We have been working very hard on the kids' room over the past week....I've rearranged all the furniture, built one of two new Malm dressers, installed half of the bookshelf, and put up a gigantic map from Ikea.  (The whole room has a very Target/Ikea-chic vibe.)  

Here's the Ikea map:

This thing is enormous, and I was hoping that it would fit in the minivan, and when I got to Ikea I discovered it came in a box all rolled up!  You have to build the frame and wrap the canvas on yourself!  It was not difficult but I would not say that my canvas wrapping skills are so hot.  At least, not when I have three little helpers walking on the map as I'm trying to affix it to the frame.  

Still remaining:
* one more Malm dresser to build (SO SICK of building Ikea furniture)
* install the rest of the bookshelves
* cleaning out the closet 
* finding some art for over the dresser area--maybe some blown up pics of the kids?
* possibly finding a headboard for Greg's bed (I think I am holding off on the bunkbeds for now)
* get the Princess to actually sleep in this room instead of kicking my kidneys every night.


  1. WOW!!! I love the map! I may have to put that on my list for Caden's room....

  2. The map looks so cool!! What a great idea. It's lovely AND educational!

  3. I have wanted the IKEA map so bad! Love it!


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