Friday, February 25, 2011

Current state of the living room/dining room

Its been a while since I did an updated photo of what the living room/dining room area looks like lately, so here it is.  (You can see previous incarnations under the Apartment link.)

Mah new sofa, in all her toffee-colored glory:

My favorite nook now has two bookshelves.  I haven't blogged about this one because the backs of the bookshelves are different colors (thank you Ikea for the technical problems) and I haven't figured out what I want to do with this yet.  But I'm loving finally having all the books out in the open again.

You all remember my pretty painted secretary.  I took down the clock that was sitting there and hung up a chinese panel that my mother gave me.  Yes, its a bit off center.  I used the nail from the clock.  Also, I'm hoping to convince my mother to give me another one to hang next to it.  Hint, Mom.

I've moved some of the stuff above the tv to other shelves around the room, which the Mister is grateful for.  He is no longer mentally calculating the weight of tchotchkes balanced precariously above the Preshus.  Also, the previous sideboard moved into the dining room when we got the craigslist campaign dresser.  

The dining room is much the same as before, although I have brought in two white ginger jars from a different bookshelf, and moved the previous red and blue ones to different shelves.

Where the magic happens (blogging magic---get your mind out of the gutter--you young people watch too much MTV):

I have finally found replacement lamp shades at a price point I like and that look pretty, and are not the seagrass my sister so reviled. These are from Target.

Current problem area: side table at left end of sofa near bookshelves.  You'll notice that I have three lamps in a row.  Its pretty dark on that side of the room.  The only light fixture in the entire room is the dining chandelier, which is on the far side of a 25x25 space.  I like having the lamp at the end of the sofa so I can read at night...but I think it looks....cluttered over there.   Aside from having an electrician install overhead lighting (not doing that, we rent), what to do here?  Put the lamp on a nicer table?  


  1. Look at how much prettier those lampshades look with the lucite. :-)

  2. Your apartment is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it! I am wanting you to come help me with mine!


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