Saturday, November 12, 2011

art for the boys' room

The boys' room is nearly done.  There is only one undecorated spot left, and it is this blank wall over Greg's bed.  In fact, just this evening Greg said "why haven't you decorated over MY bed??"  Guess I better get a move on.

I originally wanted to do a navy striped wall here, but changed my mind to navy striped curtains.  That leaves me with a big blank spot in need of art.

I have two art inspiration pictures I've been thinking about while decorating this room.  I feel like the boys' room has the same kind of vibe as this first inspiration picture (clearly not as much rough-hewn paneling, but the same general vibe).  I love this room, and I think that this type of art would work well in the space. Its actually a Josef Frank fabric, presumably just stretched over a frame.  However, most Josef Frank fabrics are about $270+ per yard, so I need something a little less expensive.

The other inspiration picture I've had on my mind is the artwork in this Liz Caan-designed room.  I haven't been able to find who the artist is--does anyone know?

I'm sure that piece is out of my range, but it reminds me of otomi crewelwork fabrics made by the Mexican Otomi tribes.  You can find these reasonably priced on ebay, like these:

They also come in single colors:

I could also just buy a large canvas at Michael's and let the kids go to town with some paint.


  1. I think you should have them make something - that would be the most fun!

  2. Have you tried etsy? It would be really fun (and relatively inexpensive) to go the Michael's route though.

  3. Love the direction you're headed with the art. And the curtains look great! Perfect for the room.


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