Friday, November 4, 2011

Ugly Sofa 4: Mustardy brown-yellow leather

It seems the Ugly Sofa Series is becoming a Friday series.  This week we have an overstuffed, giant poofy mustardy brown-yellow leather sofa.  As usual, $1000 total budget, $500 or less must purchase a 5x7 rug, one set of curtains and two pillows.

Remember when I wanted to put curtains made from Richloom's Lucy Eden fabric in my dining room?  I came across these Lucy Eden curtains on Etsy and am longing to take down my Target shower curtains and replace them with  the pretty Lucy Edens.  Oh well.  I will have to give the to the Ugly Sofa series instead.

Rug, curtains, pillows: $506
1. Elite Blue wool rug: $156
2. Richloom Lucy Eden curtains: $250
3. Caitlin Wilson Hong Kong pillow: $55
4. red ikat pillow: $45

Other Accessories: $492
5. Posters (24x36): Monaco: $20, Annecy: $7, Soleil Toute Lannee: $20. I absolutely love vintage art, especially vintage travel posters. I would love to do a grid wall with twelve 8x10 frames and vintage travel posters in my own home.  (This would take up my remaining $494 to do that here, but it would look really cool.)
6. lamp: $80
7. knitted pouf: $108
8. tray side table: $50
9. coffee table: $159
10. ceramic balls: $28
11. wood bowl: $20

Total: $998


  1. While I love the plan you've created, I would cry if that was my couch! ha

  2. I REALLY love this look- I actually like the couch-oddly enough- especially the way you designed around it- really fun space!


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