Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nada: still no squirrel, no art, no stupid Rast dressers.

The landlord brought over an exterminator on Monday while we were out.  He placed three large traps under my sink and baited them with something that kind of smells skunky.  They look like bear traps.  I do not like to think that a) something that needs a trap that large is living my walls, and b) that the cabinet under the sink, the one that is easily accessible to my children, is the ONLY place you can put poison and giant snapping bear traps to catch this thing???  I had some words with the landlord and the exterminator when I got home, but apparently there they will stay.

So, to ensure that none of my children lose a hand or eat poison, and also to make sure that whatever giant animal does not choose to enter into the interior of my house while spasming in pain when the bear trap gets it, I've got this going on in my kitchen.

My Rast night table, covered by a towel to protect the top from water damage, since its in front of the sink.  Yes, its ever so convenient to have a dresser in front of the sink. I'm also enjoying the basket of dishsoaps being out for consumption.

I decided to let the boys make art for their room.  I bought a two pack of 16x20 canvases at Walmart for $9, which is really cheap.  However, be warned that the reason they are so cheap is that the canvases are stapled on the side, not the back, which makes them look really cheap.

Anyways, I came home, spread out a shower curtain on the table, put out some craft paints and let the kids go to town.

Princess, caught in the act of dumping water all over her painting. Perhaps I should have been paying attention instead of taking pictures. 
I have no idea why anyone likes to do art stuff with their kids; I would prefer to poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick.  Our art endeavors lasted twelve minutes, at the end of which Princess had dumped all the water bowls on the tables, canvases and floor, and the boys painted their entire upper bodies while I was cleaning up paint water.

The boys made some really cool paintings, at first.  Unfortunately, they then smeared all of the colors given into one muddy greenish color and covered up their paintings with that.

Peter said "my painting was attacked by a whirlpool."


I am working on these dumbass Dorothy Draper Espana knockoffs, but they kind of suck.  The Rasts are built and painted a lovely greeny-blue Balmy Seas.  Its the stencil that's killing me.  So far, I painstakingly made a stencil from the front of a coloring book (only available cardstock in the house), used it for one drawer, decided it looked stupid, and threw out the stencil.  Then I threw some expired raw chicken on top of it in the garbage.

After a few hours I came back to the drawer and decided it didn't look that stupid, in fact, I kind of liked it.  Except that stencil that took me an hour to make now had salmonella all over it.

These night tables might be done by the New Year.  


  1. First off, I can't believe you made your own stencil. Nice job. Second, I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. So, next time, end arts and crafts aftr EIGHT minutes. Then the paintings won't have time to get attacked by a whirl pool :-)

  3. I'm not supposed to laugh at another's misfortune - but you write so well: "and also to make sure that whatever giant animal does not choose to enter into the interior of my house while spasming in pain when the bear trap gets it" = LOL. Hope the critter(s) get nabbed soon!


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