Sunday, November 20, 2011

decorative cell phone skins

I have wanted an iPhone forever.  Not because I actually want an iPhone--I just want a pretty case cover for my phone, and the covers are only available for iPhones and Blackberries.  I have even contacted the sellers, and they say they are "looking into" making cases for other brands, but they just aren't available.

But!! Super exciting news!  I have found an alternative for us non-iPhone/Blackberry-using consumers!

Instead of a hard case, these rubbery plastic skins are available for Android users, give the same look (and cost less too):

Or these chevron cases:

Peeps, there is so much design goodness here, I can't even decide what to get.  Maybe I should order five two and switch them depending on my mood, like having lots of pretty purses to match your outfits.  I carry the same purse, day in and day out, usually for about four or five years, but I feel that I could be persuaded to be the kind of girl who switches the skin cover on her cell phone two or three times a day.

Which five one should I get?

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  1. I have a droid and all the cute covers are limited! Which one did you decide on? They are all so cute!


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