Monday, November 28, 2011

Ugly Sofa 5: The Opposable Thumb sofa

The opposable thumb sofa is a lovely shade of band-aid, fleshy peach, and bends in both directions like opposable thumbs.  It also helpfully contains a side table in the middle of the sofa, that's one less thing to buy.

As usual, $1000 total budget; $500 or less must purchase a 5x7 rug, one set of curtains and two pillows. 

Rug, curtains and pillows: $489

1. Diva Ikat curtain: $70
2. maze rug: $399 (I REALLY wanted to use this rug, but at $499 it gave me $1 for a pair of curtains and pillows, stupid budget.)  I gotta tell you, using a rug that is more than $300 really strains the $1000 budget.  As you will see by the pillows.
3. pair of turquoise pillows: $20.  Finding two pillows for under $30 is tough. If I had more money in the budget I would have gotten these Kelly Wearstler ones or these Celery Kemble ones.

Accessories: $526
4. leather armchair: $125 on craigslist
5. Jersey shore photo: $145.  At 28x12, this picture is on the small side for a focal point, but hey, its Jersey shore, gotta REPRESENT.  Plus its by an independent artist, I like to support them when possible. (This artist has some great pictures that are reminiscent of that Christian Chaize Praia Piquinia picture that's all over blogland, but way less expensive.)  If you were of a mind to have a massive ocean photo by a mass retailer, this one from Ikea would also look nice in the room and is nearly the same price.
6. lamp: $25
7. Cocoa & Hearts painting: $95
8. set of light blue crocodile boxes: $46
9. snow leopard throw: $90. Everyone needs a leopard throw.  Everyone.

Total: $1015

Glass/gold coffee table: $350.  This is not even remotely in the budget, but lets pretend that a generous relative bought it for me.  

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  1. I love your plan! Love the colors and those curtains are fabulous.


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