Saturday, November 19, 2011

Art over night tables

You might have noticed that above the new Rast night tables I hung some pictures.

Sorry for the glare, I found it really hard to get good photos without a reflection in the frame.

Ever since I saw the below picture, I have loved the way the pictures were matted, especially how the smaller horizontal ones were placed higher in the frame.  I've wanted to do this in my own home but hadn't figured out the right spot.
Source: via Dora on Pinterest

Enter these two gold bamboo frames I picked up at a thrift store.  I thought they would work well with all the gold hardware and asian influence in my bedroom decor, but didn't know what to put inside the frames.  I had a really hard time thinking of art that would play well but not compete against the chiang mai dragon art.

One day I thought, hmm, why not put some pictures of my wedding up in our bedroom?  The Mister and I have nearly zero pictures of the two of us together, and I have about 500 proofs left over from our wedding pictures.  The wedding proofs are 5x5 inches, so they would actually work pretty well matted like my inspiration picture.

And then I let the frames and pictures sit for weeks.  I got an estimate at Michaels for about $35 for both mats with a coupon.  And then every time I walked out the door, I thought hmm, I should take those to Michaels and get them matted.....

When I was at Walmart in the art supply section I looked at the flat canvases and thought (dude, I know, there's a lot of thinking involved in decorating my bedroom), what if I just mount them on top of the canvas, instead of getting them matted?  The flat canvas was thin enough to put in the frame, had a nice texture to it, was plain white, and cost $8 for a 3-pack. And that's literally all I did--I put a piece of double sided tape on the back of the picture and placed on the canvas in the center near the top, then put it back in the frame.

And voila, nice art, some lovey-dovey pics of me and the Mister, and the total cost was under $25.  


  1. Very cool! Chic way to incorporate lovey-dovey photos.

    Mostly unrelated, but the Rast drawers reminded me - I have you to thank for my understanding what an "Ikea hack" is. My (textile designer) friend was nattering on to me about one the other day, and I was actually able to understand what she was talking about. :-)

  2. The bedroom looks fantastic! All of it...hope it makes you smile!

  3. I really love the look of gold thin bamboo frames, wish I could find some at a thrift store and I love the "Draper" chests :)


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