Tuesday, November 8, 2011

zombie teachers, Rast night tables, no armoires

I asked Greg what his substitute teacher was like.
"Well, she's young, and she's not a zombie."
.....uh....Right, then.  Not a zombie is always a plus.  Why do you think she's not a zombie?
"Her hair."

This weekend I picked up some Rast dressers at Ikea.  I plan on using them as our bedside tables.  As soon as I get around to building and painting them.  I am torn between the ubiquitous mid-century modern stained-with-white-fronts that half of blogland has, like this one,

 or a Dorothy Draper Espana knock-off that the other half of blogland has, like this one,

For the foreseeable future, they will probably look like this.

I picked up some paint chips at Home Depot. I put the paint chips on my current night side table, against the chiang mai dragon painting and the bedding it will be sitting next to.  (I'm still looking for a navy duvet, but the summer bedding is coral.)  Choices are turquoise:

or pink.

I think I am leaning toward the second blue chip from the right (Balmy Blue).  Or the first pink on the left (Ballet Slippers).

Feel free to weigh in on paint colors (or vote for the white and wood combo), I am still undecided.  Or I could do a citron color.  Decisions, decisions.

While at Ikea, shopping for a coat armoire, the Mister put his foot down.  There will be no ugly armoire in my living room.  I will just have to suffer with 47 winter coats in a pile on my living room floor.


  1. What kind of hair does a zombie have?

  2. I have no idea. Greg refused to get any more specific than that.

  3. I'm cracking up about the zombie hair. Kids say the strangest things sometimes.

    I like the 2nd from the left blue and the middle pink which would look great with navy. I do like the mid century modern and espana night tables as well though.

    I know it's a pain with the coats and all but an armoire might be a stretch in the room.

    I really love your chiang mai!

  4. I actually like the last blue on the right! Zombies do have gross hair. I think some of my coworkers are zombies.

  5. I am totally digging the turquoise for the night stand. I like all of the choices you have. But if you go with the pink, which would look great too, I like the first one on the left.


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