Tuesday, November 22, 2011

inexpensive chiang mai dragon pillows, other tidbits

Today I was reading Aesthetic Oiseau, which is a fabulous design blog (you are already reading it, right?), and she is partnering with the Etsy shop Aurelia for 20% off items in her shop. This is massively awesome because Aurelia has a number of designer pillows, including a PAIR of chiang mai dragon pillows for $80 after the discount.

Eighty dollars, peeps!  That is an insane deal for TWO chiang mai pillows---look elsewhere on etsy, I have been pricing these pillows for my bedroom and I have yet to find them for under $200.  I feel obligated to share this awesomeness with you all.

Check out Aesthetic Oiseau's blog and Aurelia's shop for details.

I did not send out change of address announcements when we moved to this house a few months ago.  It occurs to me that this is probably going to significantly impact the amount of Christmas cards we get this year.

The rabid squirrel remains at large, despite the all-points APB put out on him. 

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  1. A- those pillows? Awesome!

    B- Man, those AP APBs are so annoying when they don't work...


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