Monday, March 19, 2012

campaign dresser mystery; observations

The movers arrived on Friday, so we are now firmly ensconced in a zillion boxes in our new house.  The new driver let me know that the old driver "had the ammonia" but was out of the hospital and on the mend.

You might recall that the night before the movers came, I got an email telling us our estimate was over what the Mister's company would pay for and thus I owed a zillion dollars for the extra amount.  I decided that there were a few furniture items that I would be willing to part with, and since the campaign dresser weighs about 200 pounds, I decided to give it to my sister.  I had the movers move it out to the garage, along with a matching campaign desk and hutch, and our china cabinet.  

I'll be honest, I have absolutely no memory of whether the campaign dresser and desk were in the garage when I did the walk-through with the movers at the end of the day.  I had told the movers that once we hit the weight limit they would be walking stuff back off the truck, so they probably were. I truly can't remember.  

A few days later I went to the garage to take some measurements of the furniture for my sister.  I opened the garage door, and.....where the hell is all the campaign furniture??  I guess the movers put it on the truck?  Sorry, sister, you aren't getting a campaign dresser after all. 

Since I thought the campaign dresser was on the truck, I mentally drew up a floor plan using that under the tv.  

On Friday all the furniture was unloaded and the movers started assembling stuff.  I looked around and asked "is there a big white dresser still on the truck?"  


Uh....where the hell is it?  

We called poor Brad the truck driver, still suffering from the ammonia, wheezing and coughing, who claimed he put it in the garage. 

Basically, this means someone stole a 200 lb dresser and a desk and a hutch.  They were extremely heavy, and certainly not the type of items that you would say "ooh, let me carry that home, it will just be a minute!"  Lifting the desk or the dresser would be a two person job, and you'd need a truck. 

Not a clue.    

Awesome thing about this house:  completely fenced in yard and three walls of windows that means I can see the kids nearly everywhere in the yard from inside the house.

I thought Southern California was warm year round.  I was wrong.

When we flew out a few weeks ago on our house-hunting trip, the weather forecast said that it would be 72 degrees.  Since it was 30 degrees in NJ, I thought that sounded warm, so I packed a bunch of sundresses.  When we arrived in California, I dressed up in my cute sundress, went to breakfast, and made the Mister turn around and take me back to the hotel to change into the pants I wore on the plane, and then we went to the mall and I bought a sweater.  I wore that outfit for the next four days.  My pants nearly walked off the plane themselves at the end of the trip.

Now we are here in California, and its 52 degrees and rainy, while the weather in NJ is in the high sixties and sunny.  Hahaha.

You would think that I would be all "pish tosh, you silly Californians don't know what cold weather is! This is nothing!"  But these Californians seem to think that rainy and 52 degrees is perfect weather for tank tops and shorts.  I am still bundled up in my winter coat.  I feel somewhat misled.

My own personal episode of Hoarders.  I didn't get a picture of the first 58 bags we took to the dump. (Its mostly packing paper that the movers used to wrap our stuff in when packing it.)

There's  more where that came from!

At least that ginormous pile of packing trash and cardboard is keeping my kids from catapulting from the second floor.

Welcome to our chair and small side table convention!

I bought another sofa.  Should be here next Sunday, yippee.

I have unpacked nearly all the boxes inside the house.  (The garage is a different story and it will be months, if not our entire lease period before we can park in there.)  I have hit that last 10% of stuff, of where the hell do I put this, this will NEVER BE OVER JUST THROW IT ALL AWAY FOR THE LOVE.

I'd like to end this on an up note but there is just TOO MUCH STUFF here that I need to put away.  Also, there are only three overhead lights in the whole house, so I am putting things away in the evening in the dimly lit ambience of a cave.  I do have plans for some lamps but that would require finding the extension cords and some light bulbs, which are in the garage, and I have not yet braved that hell.

I think we are going to like living here, but I am not so great at the transitional period, you know?  


  1. That is so strange about the campaign furniture? Glad to hear you are settling in...enjoy the adventure.

  2. Things will seem much better once everything is unpacked. I'm glad you found a new couch. As for that campaign furniture...who knows!?!? I might have taken it if I saw it sitting out there. :)

  3. The transition phase is the worst part -- where you don't feel at home yet because your surrounded by boxes and bags full of packing paper. Maybe whoever took your dresser brought it down to Texas and that's how after years of looking I was finally able to score one of Craigslist! So so weird though.

  4. Holy overwhelming?! Keep up the hard work- its coming along!! and so much space it seems?

  5. You can do it!! Look what you've accomplished already!! I had to laugh about the wrapping paper ... on our last move I found a whole roll ... packed in a box. You have to wonder about the efficiency of the moving business!!


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