Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sofa for the playroom

The playroom and dining room space is a long space, about 20 feet long by 12 feet wide.

The space to the the left will be the playroom space, and to the right, under the light fixture, will be the dining space.

My plan is to put a sofa in the middle of the room facing the back wall, so the back of the sofa acts as a room divider.  This means I need another sofa, since the living room around the corner will have our other sofa.  

My first thought was to buy a leather sleeper sofa.  This sofa will be in the playroom space, and having a wipeable surface would be great with the kids.  I know that we will have plenty of visiting family and friends, so a sleeper sofa seemed like a good idea, especially since we don't have a guest room.  Some cursory internet shopping, however, revealed that leather sleeper sofas are mostly ugly and start around $4,'m not getting leather or a sleeper sofa.  

Moving on to less expensive options!

A strong front runner is the Movie sofa from CB2, which was a contender last year when we bought a new sofa.

Last year we both said "that's too modern and a bit too slouchy," but it was definitely comfortable.  And I don't mind how it looks--for my playroom.  I wanted something a little more sophisticated for my living room, but for a playroom, I think it would be just fine.  Also, a huge plus--its a tight-back sofa, so my children would not disassemble the sofa fourteen times a day, as they do with my current sofa. (Every time I want to sit down I have to pick up all six cushions off the floor and put them back on the sofa.)

One drawback to the Movie sofa is that it is 88 inches long,  The room is 12 feet wide, and the sofa is nearly 8 feet long.  After we move in I will tape off the dimensions of the sofa to see how it feels in the space.

Another possibility is the tufted chesterfield sofa from West Elm.

I have yet to sit on this sofa, so I can't speak to its comfortableness.  But, it does have two advantages; it is a tight-back sofa without cushions, and it is 77 inches long.

The Club sofa from CB2 is also 77 inches and a tight-back:
I really like this leather sofa that Dana at House*Tweaking bought for her new home:

Its leather and its the right price, but it seems to be sold only on the internet, not in stores.  I am reluctant to buy a sofa without sitting on it.

Seen any good sofas lately?  Would you buy a sofa without sitting on it first?


  1. I definitely agree with you about the tight-back sofas. I like all the ones you chose, but I think taping off the space to see how it will fit in the room is a good idea. And, no, I wouldn't buy a sofa without sitting on it.

  2. Under no circumstances would I buy a sofa without sitting on it.
    I like the sofas from Cost Plus and they are CHEAP but I don't think they have a sleeper sofa. If I had to do it over again, though, living in this tiny house, I would FOR SURE buy a sleeper.

  3. We recently bought the trent leather sleeper from raymour and flanagan. The back cushions don't come off, only the seat ones, and we love the way it looks. Not as expensive as the one u mentioned.sara o

  4. Check out Rowe sofas - I love mine in my den. You can get so many fabrics on them and they have several models that aren't too big.

  5. I've also been looking at that one from West Elm. I agree that it's best to sit on them first before buying -- you'll know if it's the right fit.

  6. The West Elm one looks fanciest and most expensive. The brown leather one looks comfiest.


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